HTC Desire vs iPhone 3GS

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Author: eXtorian


HTC have released another so called iPhone Killer, which is now available in the UK. Enter the HTC Desire…

Apple fans keep saying how great the iPhone is, but I’m always wary of their apparent inability to see that they can get alternatives with similar specifications for half the cost, or devices with generally much better specifications for the same cost. At around £200 cheaper than the iPhone 3G S, the HTC Desire is certainly no exception.


As I’m due for a phone upgrade soon I spent a couple of hours searching around the internet for as much information as I could find about the specification of both the Apple iPhone 3GS and HTC Desire. Below is the table of results from various sources. The better specification in green. I ignored some specifications that are identical on each phone, or don’t make much technical difference (like colour). The ones I think are important, plus the ones that I could find that give either phone an advantage, are listed below:

The iPhone does have access to more apps on its App Store (roughly 100,000 versus 30,000 on Android), but both have an app for just about everything imaginable that is possible with the phone. Also, the iPhone comes with 32GB of additional storage, whereas the HTC Desire only comes with 2GB. However, the HTC Desire does support up to 32GB SD cards. To reflect this in the cost above you should add around £70 to the cost of the HTC Desire to give it the same storage as the iPhone.

 In conclusion, I feel that unless you have some kind of mental condition that only allows you to appreciate technology that has a picture of a half-eaten fruit on it, the winner here is blindingly obvious.

 But, don’t take my word for it, see TechRadar’s Top 15 phones where the HTC Desire takes the number one spot ahead of the iPhone. Currently the top 5 places are taken by 4 Android phones and the iPhone. A full review of the HTC Desire can be found here.